Aussie Rapidblast is a South-East Brisbane based abrasive blasting company that aims to
deliver the highest quality service for all of our customers’ requirements. We often exceed our
customers’ expectations in work quality, which ensures they leave more than satisfied! Our
experienced employees are focused on the customer and will always find a solution to your
needs, no matter the size of the job. No Dust, No Damage, No Worries! Sandblasting

Aussie Rapidblast is driven to provide the best quality of work, which is why we utilize our best technology
available, to provide you the cleanest surface possible. Steel, bricks, cement and other surfaces
are all susceptible to rust, old paint, graffiti or just general scale. We are able to
come to you and ensure your needs are met through safe practices and experienced professionals.

Aussie Rapidblast required a professional finishing solution, and that’s why we invested into Electrostatic
painting, but how does this benefit me? Electrostatic painting provides a few great advantages
over conventional methods including the reduction in paint overspray, and better coating of
the object. Electrostatic painting works to ensure the paint is applied to the surface with a
more efficient and even manor, meaning you receive the best work quality possible. The
intelligently designed system also means less paint overspray into the surrounding
atmosphere and more onto your project, making our line of work even more environmentally

You’ll be surprised at how affordable our services can be compared to the other companies out
there, whilst at the same time ensuring a reliable and efficient job! We make a promise to every
one of our customers to be there when they want us, no excuses. The team at Aussie Rapidblast will go out
their way to look after the customer so that when we leave you have a smile on your face!
If you can’t come to us, we are more than willing to make the travel out and see you. As a mobile
sand blasting company we understand that your job site needs to remain clean and safe, that’s
why we offer you a service that can do just that! We aim to deliver the best service no matter
where we go, and you can be sure that Aussie Rapidblast will go the extra mile for you!Mobile Sandblasting

Aussie Rapidblast is here to help with an astounding track record of client satisfaction. Whether you’re
looking for automotive, industrial or decorative work, you can be assured that we have you
covered! We have experience with all types of projects, no matter the size or difficulty. What are
you waiting for? Give us a call today!